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How far you climb the corporate ladder, or how quickly your company reaches its first million (billion?), is directly proportional to the strength of the relationships you form. There’s no greater economics system than one that is fueled by relationships. Be they with lateral cohorts or those formed with others far above you.

Relationships influence your personal and professional growth. They strengthen your strengths and help you weed out the weaknesses. They keep you on a path of growth at all times because you’re constantly challenging yourself to show up and meet the standard around you. But the real goodness happens when those professional relationships dig deeper and companies become massive powerhouses. And there are mind-blowing volumes of literature on networking, from surviving your networking meetings and conferences to becoming a full-on “network commando”. But there’s very little information on the hybrid approach that we teach here at Nour Group.

It’s also the topic of a book I authored, Relationship Economics®. Networking is about Strategic Relationship Planning™.  A process we developed that includes business relationship metrics that redefine ROI as Return on Involvement™, Return on Influence™, Return on Integration™, and Return on Image™. Your meetings, networking opportunities, industry conferences will never be the same. You’ll walk in with a knowledge that will create a skill in you others only envy. When you walk in the room, they’ll know you’re the person to make a connection with. And you’ll know if it’s one you want to make. What happens next? Revenue. Shifting from manager to chair. Changing your professional status, on all levels. The book is a must-read for all who long to step up to their ultimate potential, and the core concepts of Relationship Economics® will forever change the way you leverage your business relationships.

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